Periodontal, or gum, disease occurs when bacteria builds up within the mouth. Bacterial deposits can stick to the surface of the teeth and turn into plaque. Over time, this plaque can start to irritate the soft tissues within the mouth, causing infection. This is one of the leading causes of tooth and gum loss and can even deteriorate the underlying jawbone. However, if caught early, Dr. Xerxez Calilung can effectively treat and prevent the spread of this disease.

There are many signs of periodontal disease, including: redness, swelling, tenderness or bleeding. As the disease progresses, the tooth may also become loose, the gums may recede and patients may suffer from discomfort when chewing or bad breath. Visit us for an exam and our dentist can recommend the right treatment for you.

One of the ways our dentist can treat symptoms of periodontal disease is through stem cell therapy. Gum disease can damage the soft tissue, exposing the tooth to bacteria and decay. However, stem cells can restore the gums, as well as any bone tissue that may have been lost. Call 949-551-5600 and come to Dental Arts of Irvine for a consultation and learn more about stem cell treatment for periodontal disease in Irvine, California.